For those who share much with others and little with themselves.

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  • selfbook blank diary
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  • selfbook journal
  • selfbook journal
  • selfbook journal

Like yourself with selfbook:

6 x 9 journal. 100 pages. For those who share much with others and little with themselves, this social media style journal has spaces for 384 "Posts." Great for recording thoughts and ideas that are too personal or special for your Facebook or Twitter feed. Familiar condensed space for "Posts" impel the writer to keep it short and simple.

• Use selfbook for yourself
• Great gift for your oversharing social friends *wink*
• Introduce young minds to journal & diary writing

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selfbook: look inside the journal

Note from selfbook author/designer:

I use facebook. I sometimes find myself starting a post on my wall, but then erase it. Perhaps it's self-censorship or perhaps I really don't want to or need to share everything with everybody. But what should be done with that thought, idea, memory? Now you don't have to abandon it. You can keep it for yourself with the selfbook journal.

     Write on,

    Eric Rosolowski

selfbook: social media style blank journal

Book Design: Eric Rosolowski

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